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Artwork by Gary Arnold

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Gary Arnold

Gary Arnold Gary Arnold- New Orleans Acrylic Artist

I'm Gary Arnold, The New Orleans Acrylic Artist. I was born in New Hampshire, and for the past 33 years I have lived in greater New Orleans. I've made it my passion to be innovative and devoted to Southern Impressionism. With only high school art classes and thousands of hours of reading and studying and a lifetime of painting, I have developed a distinctive style of acrylic painting blending soft figures of realism with a gentle touch of classic impressionism. I believe that painting is storytelling and each of my paintings is a dialogue and an introduction to bond themselves to the viewer.
Each painting is my attempt to show the viewer the beauty that arose in that one stirring moment: a horse running, a boxer practicing, a woman working out, a pet cuddling, a mother and child embracing, the sun touching a Louisiana skyline. My paintings play with light and form and pastel colors in a playful and hopefully an extremely personal way.

My technique was developed by feeling things deeply and learning to see simply, and from that my individual style and technique arose. My sense of color also developed along these personal lines, what I call my soul-state. That soul-state lets me see how light and color and value effect the canvas with rich textures, warm hues, strong or light areas of contrast.

I was not always best known for being an artist. I am also the founder and CEO of Windhorse Corp., a marketing company for TV, Syndicated Radio, video, print and social media. I received my doctorate in Business Communications in the early 80’s. I have written several books and published dozens of audiobooks. I've been fortunate enough to have circumnavigated the globe 22 times giving keynotes and workshops.
It was not until the Covid pandemic of 2020 that several of my friends and clients encouraged me to explore doing more with my talents as a painter. Almost immediately, Amazon and online sales came into the picture. Viewers were impressed with my color sense and the soft pastel colors I use in my acrylic paintings. Sales began immediately and online interest expanded into my own line of prints, products, clothing , in fact, the product-line of my art related products continues to expand and is now a global endeavor.

During the pandemic, I met with Camron James, an Amazon ecommerce millionaire, who encouraged me to pursue and combine my paintings and marketing talents and invited me to become his protégé. Today I continue to study under the tutelage of Camron, and I now devote much of my creative energy into my paintings, the world of art, my expanding product line and online and off-line marketing.
I live with my wife Anita in greater New Orleans with our 9-year-old black lab, Maggie. We find New Orleans is the perfect environment to inspire me daily and continually push my creative potential. The last 33 years of living in New Orleans has been a tremendous influence on my paintings, my work ethic, and how I continue to perfect my style that is recognize in my paintings today.

In my development as an artist, I've had the added advantage of being an expert in videography, Photoshop, and photography. This has given me a certainty of value, color transitions, form and composition in my paintings, and I try to make that translate into a sense of freshness, boldness, and dash that enthralls my viewers. My videography, photography, and commercial media design have affected the design, color and content of my art. I spend an inordinate amount of time arranging each motif, eliminating, sacrificing, moving, to create a more intoxicating light, or another dimension or angle that was of greater attraction. Seeking a shared dialogue through the painting itself, I work at documenting that fleeting feeling of tenderness, humor, enchantment, or motion, in each special moment. My largely self-taught impressionistic style has brought me moderate acclaim around the world, as well as a solid local artistic identity.

Throughout the world, my paintings hang in some important private and corporate collections.